Nursing, Shopping Cart & Car Seat Cover
Cover with Love

Ultimate versatile cover good for new moms!

Nursing Cover - Breastfeeding Scarf - Baby Car Seat Canopy.

Use it For Stroller, High Chair, Carrier and Shopping Cart - Multi-use Nursing Poncho For Newborn Girls & Boys


Nursing Cover, Stroller Cover, Car Seat Canopy, Carrier Cover, Chair Cover, Shopping Cart Cover... can even be used as fashionable Infinity Scarf!


Super Stretchable Material made to fit every car seat, carrier, chair etc. there is. Super Flexible and stays in place even in strong wind.


Protects from sunlight, summer heat, wind & breezes, dust and other weather elements. Keep your child safe from mosquitos and bugs, germs and bacteria, pollen and on-looking strangers.


Feel versatile comfort.
Create a cozy & safe environment for your newborn!

Comfortable Car Trip

Stay Safe!

Mom's Scarf

Be Pretty!

Father's Work

Moms are calm


Just walkabout

Easy Shopping

Great trip!

Private Time

No on-lookers!


Reviews from our dear customers

Welcome to our brand family! We care about children and produce only the best and innovative baby stuff. Stay in tune!

  • Did any of this happen to you?

    Car seat covers blown away by wind, overheating covers, covers that don't fit your car seat or your baby removing the cover when nursing? With the QAQADU car seat & multi-purpose baby cover you can be assured none of that will ever happen to you. We carefully designed the cover to be very flexible and stretchable, while keeping it soft and lightweight, so it fits any type of car seat perfectly, while never getting too hot.

  • Enjoy the great outdoors with your infant

    Our baby seat cover gives you peace of mind when going outdoors with your little one, knowing the cover protects from bright light, heat on hot days, wind etc. as well as bugs, mosquitos and germs and create a cozy environment for naps on the go.

  • This is why you and your baby will love our baby seat cover:

    - Wonderful soft and light

    - Stretchy and impossible for the baby to remove when nursing

    - Great protection when going outdoors

    - Super flexible multiple purpose cover

    - Machine washable

    - Fits perfectly on every occasion

    - Works with any car seat, stroller, carrier, high chair etc.

    - Great unisex baby shower gift and comes with a free pouch bag

    Keep your baby safe and healthy with your new multi-purpose seat & nursing cover.

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